Tuesday, January 31, 2012

RLPB 144. EGYPT: the gross insecurity of the dhimmi

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 144 | Wed 01 Feb 2012

By Elizabeth Kendal

In an Islamic State, a Jew or Christian may keep their religion as long as they live in total submission to the Islamic order. Known as 'dhimmis', these subjugated second-class citizens are without basic fundamental human rights. Any resistance, and their life and property are forfeit. In accordance with Islam, no Islamic State will ever prosecute Muslims for killing and/or looting Christians who demand their human rights. This impunity creates gross insecurity.


On 20 January a Muslim mob chanting Allahu Akbar went on a pogrom, attacking and torching properties belonging to Copts in the village of Rahmaniya-Kebly, Nag Hammadi, in Upper (southern) Egypt's volatile Qena Province. According to Mary Abdelmassih of the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), security forces were present but reportedly did not intervene and the fire brigade turned up 90 minutes late. Miraculously, nobody was killed or injured. It is understood the pogrom started with a Muslim suggesting that a Coptic-owned hut be torched to make way for a mosque. This was no joke nor idle threat, with the trend towards escalating incidents of Muslim appropriation of Coptic properties for the benefit of the Muslim community.

AINA also reports that some 4000 mostly Coptic residents from the village of Bahgourah, a suburb of Nag Hammadi, are presently staging a sit-in at the Nag Hammadi police headquarters to protest the lack of security arising from police laxity. This was triggered by the 26 January attempted kidnap and ultimate brutal slaying of Coptic building contractor Moawad Asaad Samaan and his son Asaad (26) by a Muslim criminal gang angered by Moawad's failure to pay protection money. According to Bishop Kyrollos, Bahgourah's Copts 'are continuously being subjected to terror and kidnapping'. (see also AhramOnline)


Hundreds of Christian girls are forcibly Islamised every year in Egypt. As Coptic activist Mark Ebeid explains, the Salafi ultra-fundamentalist Muslims 'believe strongly that converting a Christian Infidel is in some ways like earning a ticket to paradise -- not to mention the earthly remuneration they get from the Saudis'. Generally, the Christian girls are kidnapped and pack raped over many days. During this time they are brainwashed to believe they could never return home because of the shame they would bring on their families. The girls are then married off to Islamists and accepted by the Muslim community. The Christian parents frantically searching for their abducted daughters are obstructed at every turn. Today, the Islamisation of Egypt is being facilitated post-Mubarak by the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and a massive influx of thousands of Salafis returning from exile and being released from prison. Along with this there has been a marked escalation in forced Islamisation of Coptic girls. It appears that organised Islamisation rings are consolidating due to the overt protection they are receiving from police and prosecutors.

In early December 2011 Coptic teenager Amira Gamal Saber (16) disappeared from Saft-el-Khamar village, Minya Province. The head of security in Minya confirmed her kidnapping but failed to act. On 15 January a man named Mohammad Ahmed Ibrahim phoned the family demanding a ransom. After Amira's mother was permitted to speak with her daughter on the phone, the family travelled to Giza with the ransom money. Once there they were directed to the police station where they were informed that government prosecutors were handling the case. In the court, a bearded prosecutor Boulaq El Dakrour, backed by 12 more bearded lawyers [Salafis do not shave], told Amira's parents that their daughter wanted to convert to Islam. He ruled therefore, that Amira be sent to a state-run care facility in Giza until she turns18 and may legally profess Islam for herself. Amira was subsequently sent to a home affiliated to the Sharia association in Giza. Her father is appealing to the Attorney General.


* the Holy Spirit will draw Egypt's wounded, anxious Christians ever closer to him. May they learn to look to and depend on the LORD; may he answer their cries and may the devil have no victory over them.

* God will reveal himself in Egypt as the One who judges, rules, compensates, loves and saves. (Isaiah 40:10,11 )

* the LORD will not only preserve but build his Church in Egypt (Matthew 16:18), ahead of the day when he will say, 'Blessed be Egypt my people.' (Isaiah 19:25b ESV)


Islamisation is advancing across Egypt post-Mubarak, facilitated by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi ultra-fundamentalist Muslims. As the Islamic order is established, Christians are reduced to second-class citizens without fundamental human rights, their lives dependent on their total submission to the Islamic order. Any resistance and their lives and properties are forfeit in accordance with Islam. Murder, theft and extortion are becoming commonplace, as is the abduction, rape and forced Islamisation of young Coptic girls. These crimes are being committed with impunity, in accordance with Sharia. Thus Christians are finding their security is deteriorating dramatically and rapidly. The case of Coptic teenager Amira Gamal Saber (16), abducted and forcibly converted in early December 2011, is being appealed to the Attorney General. Please pray for Egypt and its Christians.